Do these 5 exercises that will help you get rid of back pain

These 5 Exercises Will Help You Get Rid Of Your Back Pain

As the age goes on increasing most of the people start suffering from back pain. But in today’s fast growing world, not only adults but also children and youth are suffering from back pain. This is now getting a serious health issue. Most of the children get back pain due to heavy bags or continuous sitting, while youth get it due to sitting continuously before computers and long hours of work. It is not possible for everyone to have frequent visits to doctors or consult a physiotherapist.

You can even relieve the back pain with just a few exercises at home. Forward bends and twisting posture are good exercises. Here are some exercises that will help you get rid of back pain-
1. Twisting posture- All you need for twisting postures is a chair and this can help you get relief from back pain. Twist your body in such a way that you body turns approximately 90 degrees.
2. Bending forward posture- Bend forwards and touch your fingers to your feet and do not bend your knees. Make sure that your chest is not squeezed.
3. Alternate arms and leg raises- Left your right leg with your left hand while lift your left leg with your right hand simultaneously.
4. Calf rest- Lie down on floor and lift your calves up and keep them on a chair. This will relieve your calf pain and also your back pain.
5. Bridges- Lie down on floor and raise your buttocks and stomach portion, while keep your palm towards the ground and also your head on the ground.

Practice them multiple times a day to get quick relief from back pain.

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