Do these exercises to get a flat belly without any accessories

5 Exercises To Do Without Any Accessories To Get A Flat Belly

Belly fat is the common complain of people, especially women. As everyone can’t join gym for various reasons like work time or any other, you can get a flat tummy without gym or any accessories. You can get fit without any equipment at home.

Here are some exercises for you to do at home for a flat belly-

1. Plank- It is a core stabilisation move that focus on core muscles and helps in building strength. Initially, try to maintain it for 30 seconds go on increasing the time with frequent practice.

2. Dead Bug- Dead bug is a core stabilisation exercise that stabilises back muscles. Perform atleast 3 sets of 15 repetitions daily.

3. Sit-Ups- They are common, effective and popular workout for getting a flat belly. Sit-up is very similar to crunch.

4. Reverse Push Up- Push ups work on core and also strengthen out lower back. The exercise also helps in toning the arms and glutes.

5. Crunches- They are very easy and simple to do at home without any equipment. The exercise powers belly muscles. Practice it for few minutes.

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