Know why the Powerlifter never misses a lift

5 Reasons Why A Powerlifter Never Misses A Lift

Powerlifting is a strength sport consisting of three lifts- Squats, bench lifts and deadlift. Missing lifting is like an unfortunate part of the training. There are types of weight classes are different for men and women in International Powerlifting Federation.

Reasons to never miss powerlifting-

1. If you know your limits, you’ll set a goal- If you ever miss a lift, you’ll get an inward voice, saying I could have lifted the weight If I’ve wanted to.

2. If you know what it feels to lose, you’ll try hard- If you fail at once, you’ll try harder to lift the weight. Once you set a goal of lifting weight, you’ll surely be successful.

3. Building momentum is underrated- If you stop or miss weightlifting for a period of time, it becomes really hard to go on with the same momentum. We also don’t take momentum as an important part of weightlifting.

4. You have to train everyday to get stronger- If you stop at once, it becomes harder to restart again and have to take or put more efforts to come back on track.

5. Your strength decreases- Once you miss a training session or sometimes you take a break, you will find it more difficult to build up the same strength and power. Your co-ordination of body parts becomes weak.

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