Here's a Balanced Diet Chart For School Going Child

Balanced Diet Chart For School Going Child

We all know how children refuse to eat when they are in a hurry to play. Even when they see vegetables almost all the children don’t like to eat them. Their school time is fully packed with studies, sports, and extracurricular activities. All the parents are worried about their children’s diet when they attend school. Their diet should be nutritious and healthy.

Here’s a diet chart that will help you plan your child’s meal:-

1. Grains: Your child’s diet chart should include foods like- 1 bowl of Rice, 1-2 chapatti, 1-2 slices of bread, or one bowl pasta or noodles. They are highly nutritious in providing vitamins.

2. Vegetables- It includes 1-2 servings of raw or cooked vegetables to their diet. You can even give them vegetable juices.

3. Fruits- Give your child at least 2 fruits daily. Even fruit juices can do well.

4. Milk/dairy products- Give your kid at least 1 glass of milk daily. Milk is a great source of calcium and will strengthen their bones and boost their growth. You can even give them curd, cheese, or buttermilk to your child.

5. Eggs- Eggs are an excellent source of protein. Give them 1 boiled egg during their breakfast.

6. Dry Fruits- Dry fruits are extremely necessary for providing you proteins and vitamins. Give them a small bowl of nuts containing almonds, dates, cashew, and peanuts.

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