Bollywood has extremely fit actresses like Disha Patani, Kiara Advani, Kriti Sanon, Janhvi Kapoor giving major fitness goals…

Disha Patani VS Kiara Advani VS Kriti Sanon VS Janhvi Kapoor: Who Gives Major Fitness Goal?

Bollywood actresses love to keep themselves in great shape by working out every day and are true fitness inspirations. Actresses like Disha Patani, Kiara Advani, Kriti Sanon, Janhvi Kapoor are known for their fitness and their tireless efforts to stay fit. Their workout pictures are inspirational to all the people out there wishing to get a body like theirs.

Disha Patani: Disha Patani made an impact right from her first film and has proved to be a talented actress. This gorgeous woman is known for her perfectly toned body and abs. Her fitness regime is pure goals and she never skips training to maintain her fitness. Disha Patani does weight training as well as cardio.

Kiara Advani:  Kiara Advani is a gorgeous actress who stepped in Bollywood recently. The ‘Kabir Singh’ actress has a perfectly proportionate body and works really hard to maintain her physique. From weight training to yoga, Kiara Advani swears by her workout regime to keep herself going.

Kriti Sanon: Kriti Sanon has the height and body that can make anybody green with envy. This beautiful actress is extremely lean and has a well-toned body. Kriti Sanon has the determination to keep herself fit by spending hours in the gym working on her muscles and core by weight training, cardio, stretching etc.

Janhvi Kapoor: Known as Dhadak girl, Janhvi Kapoor is a stunner for sure. She is often clicked on her way to the gym and maintains her fitness routine religiously. Janhvi Kapoor is much into pilates, weight training to keep herself fit and her workout pictures are pure goals.

Here are a few pictures of these leading ladies. Let us know who among these four gives major fitness goals.

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