Vedika Bhandari talks about her fitness choices.

Vedika Bhandari who has been part of TV shows Woh Apna Sa, Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki, and the web series Indori Ishq is a fitness freak to the core. She has her ultimate goals concerning fitness, which she strives hard to achieve as a daily routine.

In a candid chat with, Vedika talks about her fitness choices.

Check them here.

Cheat Food:

I love Mexican food. I love anything with the Bean Sauce.

Favourite Exercise:

I like a lot of Cardio, that gets your heart pumping. It can be skipping, dancing, playing any sport.

The purpose of exercise for you is:

Basically, I feel that everyone should have 1 hour to themselves. For me, I work out in this one hour.

Fruit or juices:

Fruits I am selective about, Juices I like.

Stairs or lift:

Mumbai has really high buildings, so we, unfortunately, need to take a lift.

Your best morning routine will comprise of:

Complete my intermittent fasting and work out in the last hour of my fasting. If I can manage to do that, I am at my fittest.

Your favourite lockdown exercise:

During the lockdown, I used to feel that exercising helped me get through the day. So I did the basic exercises like Squats, Lunges, and mix them up with Suryanamaskar, Skipping.

Yoga Or Weights:

Both are good. But I am a Yoga person.

Walking or Jogging:


Your take on health supplements:

Taking basic vitamin support is fine. But otherwise, I don’t believe in taking anything that is not natural.

Best way to burn calories:

Walking. Be a little active.

Your take on six-pack abs:

I am not a fan of abs. You need to be healthy and fit according to your body. You do not need a pair of abs to feel fit.

Any personal goals in mind with regards to fitness:

I will always fall short of my goals. There is always so much scope for improvement. I am never happy with my fitness achievements.

One tip for everyday fitness:

Wake up, and start exercising. That’s the toughest starting point. Once you achieve this, you are on the right path to gaining good fitness.

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