Ankit Narang the talented youngster truly believe in the feeling of love and in the institution of marriage. Ankit who was last seen in Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana, talks about his thoughts on the same.

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How should your dream date look like?

I have not thought about any dream date. I think doing anything with your partner is a dream date. Going for a walk while chatting can be a dream date. Sitting by the poolside or beach could be a great date. In the car, as you drive you are talking, that can be great. For me, a dream date is nothing but spending a lot of time with your loved one without any facade and any put-on mask. If you are asking about the kind of personality who will be my dream date, then I will say that someone with a great positive, vibrant personality would be my dream date.

Your favourite romantic movie?

There are lots. My kind of romance could be Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, DDLJ, Devdas, Serendipity and many more. I can’t choose one. If I have to pick one, I think Love Aaj Kal, the first one.

What is your dream date destination?

I have not decided. I think it will be anything from a great mountain to a great beach depending on whom I am with. The company matters more than the place

Favourite ‘patao’ line?

I don’t think any girl can be pataoed by a line. I would want to say – Please be my pepperoni to my pizza, rajma to my chawal, adrak in my chai, or my dil ki dhadkan.

Which actor would you like to go on a date with?

There are many. I don’t want to break anyone’s heart. I will want to go on a date with everybody.

What does love mean to you? 

Love is the essence of life. Everything that you do and you are is based on love. Love could come in all forms of life. Love could be with your career, parents, yourself. As far as love makes you peaceful and you are in a peaceful relationship, it is a feeling of being home.

Significance of marriage according to you: 

I think if you have a great partner in your life, you can go very far. As it is rightly said, if you want to go fast, you need to go alone. But if you really want to go far, you need to be with someone and go as far as you can. If you are married to a great partner, it is the most beautiful feeling one can have. I have seen some great marriages in front of me. I truly believe that they have made each other a better person. Marriage is not about two people coming together, but there is a lot beyond that. When people say that marriages are made in heaven I truly believe in that. But yes, a lot of marriages are failing these days, and that is sad. But again, if you marry the right person, nothing like that!!

Who is the perfect example of couple goals in Bollywood (real life)? 

I really like Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli. You look at them and you can feel that there is a lot of love between them.

Beauty or brain: The criteria you want in your partner?

I am greedy here, I need both in my partner. If I need to choose one, I will choose brain.