Know the real relationship status of Jacqueline Fernandez

Is Jacqueline Fernandez single? Know the real truth

Jacqueline Fernandez is a leading style icon and a glamdoll diva from tinsel town aka Bollywood and over the years, she’s lived up to her image of a stunner in the best way possible. It must be noted that after winning some big beauty pageants in Sri Lanka, Jacqueline’s start in Mumbai didn’t really happen the way she would have liked to but as they say, ‘Fortune favours the brave’ and Jacqueline got full points for her bravery and it was Kick in 2014 that changed the equation for her in the film industry.

From then till now, she’s worked with the most experienced stars as well as newcomers. Things have changed over the years but what hasn’t changed is fans and their curiosity about Jacqueline’s relationship status.

So readers, is Jacqueline Fernandez single or is she dating? Well sorry to burst the bubble but nothing is confirmed yet about Jacqueline’s relationship status and she has kept it away from the limelight quite smartly.

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