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Know more about Aamir Khan and his controversies in life

Aamir Khan and his controversies

Aamir Khan is often loved and respected by one and all as ‘Mr. Perfectionist’ of B-Town. Be it creating good movies with sensitive content to speaking the right words at the right occasion, everything is always ‘Oh So Perfect’ about Mr. Khan.

However, just like any other celebrity, Aamir too has found himself in a spot of bother and on multiple occasions which ended up erupting the most unexpected controversies. So today, we point out three of his biggest controversies in the recent past which earned him a lot of flak and criticism. Take a look –

Intolerance – Aamir Khan’s comment on intolerance earned him a lot of criticism when he said earlier in 2017 that he feels unsafe at times and his wife Kiran Rao wanted him to leave the country

Nude PK poster – Aamir Khan created another major controversy during the release of PK when his nude poster holding a radio set came out. Certain extremists felt it was too much to take considering the fact the movie spoke about religions

Meeting with Turkish First Lady – His latest controversy has to be the one when he met Turkish First Lady Emine Erdogan. Controversy erupted following the meeting which led to people even calling for boycott of his next movie Laal Singh Chaddha.

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