Farah Khan revealed that after marrying Shirish Kunder she wanted to run away from home.

“Adjusting After Marriage Is A Big Thing And I Wasn’t Able To Do It”, Farah Khan Opens Up On Facing Relationship Difficulties And More

Film Producer and Choreographer, Farah Khan is known for her boldness and open heart. But out of her professional life, she was a wife and a mother too. Farah is a mother of three children and her married life is also going well. But the situation was different after her marriage, marrying 8 years younger Shirish Kunder, Farah faced many problems. How much interesting her love story was that more than that it was getting frustrating for her. Farah recently was seen in the show Mika De Moti and there she revealed that she wanted to run away from home after marriage.

Farah in the show gave priceless advice and said, ” There is no standard age for marriage, but one should only do it when they find the right partner as things aren’t the same after marriage.” While speaking about her personal experience, Farah said, ” Adjusting after marriage is a big thing and I wasn’t able to do, So at times I thought of running away from home ”

Well, though she felt like running away at that time, today everything is going perfectly in her life. She also said, ” I m not only the one who feels this way, usually every girl faces this adjust problem with their in-laws.”

However, girls are introduced to the adjustment word before their marriage only. This is to make them understand there will be major changes after marriage and you have to adjust yourself accordingly. As in typical Indian homes, the people who used to do their work by themselves start to depend on the ‘Bahu’ for every small to big thing. And the nearly matured girl has to face all of this responsibility just in a go. Life becomes really hard for a girl after marriage because following new rules becomes hectic.

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Source: Navbharat