Who Gives Major Inspiration Of Blouse Designs For Modern Bride - Alia Bhatt Vs Shivangi Joshi?

Alia Bhatt Vs Shivangi Joshi: Who Gives Major Inspiration Of Blouse Designs For Modern Bride?

Alia Bhatt and Shivangi Joshi are divas. While one rule on TV, the other takes the box office by storm. Both Alia and Shivangi have a massive fan base and loved by the audiences.

Alia has an amazing closet. You spot her anywhere and her style will impress you. Be it a casual dress or a heavily embellished saree, Alia knows how to carry off any attire and make a statement. Especially days when she picks up ethnic outfits, she gives us tons of inspiration and we feel like recreating all her stunning looks. Her blouse designs for her every saree are unique and inspiration for every girl.

On the other hand, we have Shivangi, who maintains a class wardrobe. Her every outfit is different from the other giving us tons of inspiration. Shivangi is dropping major cues on how one can look gorgeous wearing ethnic outfits at weddings. She donned each designer blouse and looked gorgeous!

However, who gives major inspiration of blouse designs for the modern bride?

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