The program was a major cultural touchstone of the era in which it was created thanks to its endearing characters, surprisingly clever storylines, and a number of unforgettable moments, including Tyra Banks’ cameo and Carlton’s iconic dance.

But what truly grabbed our eye back then was the fantastically outrageous fashion of Will Smith’s character. We are therefore listing some of Smith’s best appearances from the show to commemorate this most significant of anniversaries.

1. Feet off the seat

The shell suit—the brighter the better—would be the one piece of clothing that best represented the 1990s. Smith certainly adhered to this criterion, but it is the attention to detail that gives the outfit such perfect accuracy. He not only coordinated his tracksuit with his T-shirt, but his socks and the Reebok logo on his sneakers were likewise sky blue.

2. Who knows?

During his tenure on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, dungarees were synonymous with Smith, and in these early promotional photos, Smith gave us a preview of what was to come. The bib on the dungarees is left undone on one side, and an oversized batik-print shirt completes the look. We can guarantee that if you visit London’s Brick Lane today, you will see this outfit being copied.

3. Step aside, Kanye

Smith perfected the topless undersuit look in a tracksuit long before Kanye West did it in a Louis Vuitton suit. It’s fair to say that Smith walked so that Kanye could run, and he completed the look with some serious neck jewelry and vintage high-top Jordans from the 1990s.

4. The next level of double denim

Double denim was very popular in the 1990s, but Smith being Smith elevated the style. Here it is double denim in all red. Not a look for the weak-hearted, the yolk-yellow tee and scarlet cap added to the intensity.