IWMBuzz tells you what Jacqueline Fernandez is doing during this period of lockdown and self-isolation. Read the story for more details

COVID-19: Self-isolation is the best thing one can do at the moment – Jacqueline Fernandez

Jacqueline Fernandez is a sport who never fails to give fashion goals and always aces it. The actress is the perfect package of beauty added with oomph and never fails to impress the audiences with her looks and moods. The current lockdown situation is, however, taking a toll on everyone including Jacqueline who had her new music video with Badshah released a week or two back. Commenting on the lockdown and what she feels about it, Jacqueline tells the media and we quote,

“As soon as there was an air about how coronavirus could spread further, for the safety of others and myself- I chose to self isolate. It is the best one can do in their capacity at the moment.”

Adding further on what she is doing to spend quality time at home, she further added,

“The experience has been full of learning in itself and self-exploration. I am reading, doing yoga and meditation, watching some of the most recent shows as well as my all-time favourites. All this, I could not really do in the usual hectic course of my day. My typical day starts with yoga and meditation. I give myself all the time I need to have a talk with myself with these exercises and start my day, fresh. After that, I either pick up a book or sometimes just make something I want to grab a quick bite of, whenever I feel like. I am enjoying this phase but I also hope that everyone is safe, out there.”

Here’s wishing Jacqueline a very happy period of self-isolation and here’s to praying that normalcy prevails soon again. For more updates, stay tuned to IWMBuzz.com

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