IWMBuzz asks you who is the ultimate style king between Dhanush, Vijay, Suriya & Vikram. Check out the photos for more details

Dhanush Vs Vijay Vs Suriya Vs Vikram: The Ultimate Style King

Bollywood or the Hindi Film Industry might be the pinnacle when it comes to fashion and stardom but nothing and absolutely nothing beats the style and ‘swag’ factor that South Indian movies and actors have in themselves.

From sensational dance hook steps to some next-level choreography, everything is to ensure that the swag factor is never compromised. What’s fascinating is how these things help in making the South heroes nothing less than cult-like figures. Some of the biggest and stylish names in the business are Dhanush, Suriya, Thalapathy Vijay, and Vikram. However, when it comes to the tag of the ‘Style King’, there can only be one. So today, we want to ask our readers as to who they feel deserves the tag between these four actors?

Let us know your views from voting and help your favourite win the tag.

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