Tara Sutaria is one of the few talented actresses in the town. She is a powerhouse of talent with skills in acting, singing, and dancing. Her love for art is evident through her social media posts. She doesn’t talk only about Bollywood but also about art across the globe. She loves to explore new art and crafts, which makes her different from others. Not only that, her point of view is unique. Did you know her obsession with art is such that she watched a French musical 11 times because of the great art and performance? Let’s find out more details.

Taking to her Instagram handle, Tara shared glimpses from a theatre in a foreign country where she enjoyed watching a French musical called The Phantom Of The Opera for the 11th time, and her reaction was the same as when she watched it for the first time. This a French musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice. Expressing her experience watching it again, the actress revealed that she felt smitten. And she couldn’t stop praising the fine arts.

The actress quoted, “I watched my favourite musical in the world for perhaps the eleventh time, and I had the very same response as when I first watched the West End cast perform over twenty years ago.
Tears, joy, an overwhelming sense of respect and adoration for the arts and the theatre all over again… I am simply smitten. All over again. 🙂 At the risk of boring you, I believe I absolutely must share my sentiment on Instagram because this is authentic to my being (and, more importantly, there’s only so many bloody selfies one can post).”

Did You Know? Tara Sutaria Watched This French Musical For 11 Times, And Her Reaction Is Smitten 897444

Talking about the musical, she wrote, “The Phantom Of The Opera has been running for four decades and still runs to packed houses and standing ovations. THIS is art! This is real music!!! A Rock Opera.. Who would have thunk it? The genius of Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber and Sir Tim Rice.. The actors, music and orchestra are extraordinary year after year! No excuses, no option of a second take like in film, just live music, dance and song – and the technique!!! My gosh. I could go on… but I’ll leave you with this.. There really is NO business like show business!!!”