Manoj Bajpayee plays the massy larger-than-life hero for the first time in Bhaiyyaji.

And he is kicked about the transformation from the Family Man to the Angry Man. “Enough of playing underdogs. It is time to revive the era of the massy hero, the kind that Bachchan Saab played. Not that I’m comparing myself to him.I feel over the years the Cinematic Hero has lost his connectivity with the masses. Recent films show the hero in VFX-heavy films. They may be very successful. But they do not reflect the sensibilities of the man on the street.With Bhaiyyaji, we hope to revive the era of the common man’s hero on screen.Larger-than-life yet lifelike.”

Manoj feels it is an actor’s job to constantly re-invent himself . “I’ve tried to never repeat myself. In Bhaiyyaji audiences will see me like never before. I am feeling nervous and excited about a release after a long time.I am so glad my director Apoorv Singh Kark has the faith in my ability to carry off this full action masala avatar. While we are going all-out to be massy with vengeance, we are also breaking the mould here.For example, we believe the hero and heroine should look a certain way. My co-star Zoya Hussain and I will break the stereotype.”

Both Manoj and his wife Shabana Raza are producers on Bhaiyyaji? “ My wife and I are co-producing the film. I’ve co-produced two films earlier Missing and Bhosle. But this time I am a more hands-on producer.”