Jacqueline Fernandez on the importance of digital content.

”Everything really depends on the content”, Jacqueline Fernandez talks about the importance of content

Actress Jacqueline Fernandez who is undeniably the most influential actress in Bollywood is all geared up to mark her debut in a digital space with Mrs.Serial Killer. She speaks about the importance of content and how a good story shapes a person to grow as an actor and filmmaker. Talking about her choice of doing films Jacqueline Fernandez says,

“Everything really depends on the content. We have been harping on this for many years now. But it’s really dawning on the industry right now because of certain examples. The past two years have been such a disruption in the industry, that we are now taking it very seriously. So, whether theatrical, digital films or the web series, for me it will have to be about the content, the character and the team to make something like this. Digital is a great space, which will help us grow. It is a great time for filmmakers and actors.”

Jacqueline Fernandez who is not only one of the sought-after names for her commercially successful films but also, getting all the appreciation from the critics- the audience are all excited to witness the actress on the digital platform. Carrying the legacy with her name, for her classy style statement Jacqueline Fernandez is also well – known in the brands circuit, the actress hails as the most influential celebrity.

Touted to be a positive growth leader and hailed as the most influential celebrity, Jacqueline always succeeds in impressing the fans with her dazzling looks, creating a statement like always!

The actress is now venturing into the digital space with her most anticipated upcoming OTT, “Mrs Serial Killer” which will mark her debut on the digital platform.

The actress would be seen in her upcoming movie, Kick 2 and the actress will be sharing the screen space with Salman Khan once again.

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