Lee Min Ho and Hong Hyo Jin are making it to headlines for their upcoming show Ask The Stars. The show has already finished filming; the next step is post-production work. The officials said about their next step, “After filming on April 12th, we plan to start preparing for post-production to meet domestic and foreign viewers.”

Ask The Stars Release Date

The exciting meeting between Lee Min Ho, who is in the role of a tourist, and Gong Hyo Jin, who plays the role of Eve Kim, draws the audience’s attention. The 12-episode show will premiere on Friday, May 5th 2023, at 12 Am.

Ask The Stars Key Things

It is a space rom-com drama with many VFX. The show’s production team shared, “We are using various filming techniques to express the weightless state inside the spaceship, the feast of stars outside the space station, and the vast scenery of the universe, so it would be nice to have visual expectations.”

Further, they added, “I am deeply grateful to all the actors and staff who worked hard day and night so that the filming could be completed safely.” Viewers will also be sucked into the acting of the two actors like a black hole.”

Lee Min Ho And Gong Hyo Jin

Lee Min Ho is a famous star in the South Korean industry; he has been featured in hit dramas like King: The Eternal Monarch, The Legends of The Blue Sea, City Hunter, etc. While Gong Hyo Jin is a known name with shows like When The Camellia Blooms, It’s Okay That’s Love, etc.

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