Check out these stunning Hollywood stars who used to be cheerleaders before they became international stars!

From Megan Fox To Madonna: Did You Know These Celebs Were Cheerleaders Before Becoming International Stars?

There are quite a few stars who had other jobs or passions before they got into acting. From athletics to finishing their education, there are quite a few options that stars consider before deciding acting is for them. Take a look at these 5 Hollywood celebrities who were cheerleaders before they became international stars. Check it out:

1) Megan Fox:
This stunning and sizzling hot actress was once a simple teenager before she found fame on the big screen. As per a Wonder List report, she went to high school at Morning Academy in Port Saint Lucie, Florida. She was a cheerleader for the varsity team!

2) Cameron Diaz:
This stunning actress had done quite a few different roles in the past including the stereotypical cheerleader included. She was in fact a cheerleader in high school!

3) Halle Berry:
This Cat Woman actress is truly flexible! She used to be a part of her High school cheerleader team. She was also a member of the honor society and class president.

4) Jennifer Lawrence:
She is one of the top 100 most influential people and was even given the title of a most desirable woman. She was discovered at the age of 14 in New York City. Before she got into acting, she was a part of quite a few things like field hockey, softball, modeling, and even cheerleading.

5) Madonna:
This beautiful singer, songwriter, artist, actress, director, author, entrepreneur, as well as philanthropist, is quite mesmerizing when on stage. She got her original movies from her cheerleading choreography.

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