Unknown facts about Sridevi

Happy Birthday Sridevi: 5 Unknown Facts

1. Sridevi started her career in Hindi cinema as a child actor in two films. She played the child version of actress Vijaylalitha in the stunt action film Rani Mera Naam and Laxmi’s sibling in Julie.

2. Sridevi’s first co-star in her first Hindi film in 1979 was Amol Palekar. He played a mentally and physically challenged village idiot with all the finesse of a streetside performer. Audiences laughed when Palekar cried. If Sridevi’s first Hindi film Solva Saawan was a massive flop we have only her co-star to blame for it.

3. Her breakthrough into Bollywood Himmatwala was first offered to Rekha. In fact, the character that Sridevi played in Himmatwala was called Rekha. But Rekha was unable to do the film . The film’s leading man Jeetendra then suggested Sridevi’s name. And the rest is history.

4. All of Sridevi’s initial films were dubbed by a professional dubbing artiste. It was only after doing 33 Hindi films that Sridevi finally dubbed her own lines in Shekhar Kapoor’s Mr India . This is when she finally came into her voice.

5. In Aakhri Raasta in 1986 Sridevi’s voice was dubbed by the one and only Rekha. Apparently this is when Sridevi decided to do her own lines. She discovered that when another voices dubs for you, that voice gives a parallel performance to the one that the actress gives on-screen.

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