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Hrithik Roshan reveals his real-life role model. Read the story for more details

Hrithik Roshan REVEALS his REAL role model

Hrithik Roshan is like that fine wine who only gets better with age. Well, what we mean is not many can even remotely think of doing the action scenes which Hrhtik pulled off in War at the age of 45+. Hrithik recently visited the city of Udaipur for an event where amidst much fanfare, the actor was asked about who he reveres as his role model in life and his answer tells us all about how we see growth and evolution synonymous with Hrithik in a two-decade-long career. He said and we quote –

“My role model is myself 20 years from now. I try and imagine the kind of person I want to be, the kind of values I want to have, the kind of character I want to build as a human being, the things I want to achieve in life. So to be able to achieve those things, what kind of a person do I need to be right now, that becomes my process”.

From bringing new characters to life on screen to holding strong to the podium as everyone’s inspiration, the actor has the most essential take on who his role model is!

Truly inspirational words from Hrithik himself. For more updates, stay tuned to

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