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Reports stated that Jennifer Aniston was suffering from morning sickness and the couple had been on a babymoon to Italy…

Jennifer Aniston expecting a baby with Brad Pitt? Read for details

Jennifer Aniston and Bead Pitt undoubtedly make a stunning couple. And they have been in news since both the actors are single now. After the two had a friendly moment at Screen Actors Guild Awards, there were speculations that the couple might get together. Coincidentally, Brad Pitt had to miss the BAFTA awards and reports said that it was because of Aniston’s pregnancy. As per the reports, Jennifer Aniston is apparently struggling with her love life and that’s why Pitt didn’t want to leave her in the United States. They reportedly went on a ‘babymoon’ to Italy and stayed in George Clooney’s grand villa in Lake Como.

A source said that Clooney was more than happy to help the couple and arranged for the best medical staff for Aniston’s help. The wavering story also mentioned that Jennifer Aniston is grateful that Brad Pitt is making up for leaving her for Angelina Jolie years ago. Well, the rumours are debunked and the truth is out. Aniston never suffered from severe morning sickness because she was never pregnant and so all the claims made by the tabloid are incorrect. The ‘Friends’ star was never pregnant with Pitt’s child and neither did they go to Italy because they haven’t gotten back together.

Well, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston ain’t together and the actress isn’t pregnant either.

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