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Daniel Radcliffe has a hidden talent and it will definitely leave you stunned, check out to see the video.

Have A Look At Daniel Radcliffe This Hidden Talent: You Will Be Shocked

Many celebrities along with their acting skills also possess mind-blowing hidden talents. Daniel Radcliffe best known for his role as Harry Potter has got some killer skills and it’s not flying on a broom or fighting with dragons but it’s rapping.

Yes, you heard it right the thirty-one-year-old English actor can do much more than acting. Even though acting gave him global recognition, his rapping skills are soon stealing the spotlight. Daniel Radcliffe has some killer rapping skills, that the world was unaware of. But as a guest on the Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight show, Daniel Radcliffe showcased the world his rapping skills.

In the video, Daniel continuously rapped alphabetically from A to Z. This hidden talent of Daniel Radcliffe’s left all his fans in a shock especially all the Potterheads. Looking at his striking talent fans are urging Daniel to start a career in rapping. And to be honest, even we can’t wait for Daniel Radcliffe to drop an album really soon.

Here’s the video of Daniel rapping, watch the video and let us know if you believe he is the same guy who played Harry Potter. Jokes aside let us know what you really think of Daniel Radcliffe’s rapping skills.


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