Harry Potter fame Daniel Radcliffe is a popular star in Hollywood. Here check out some of his interesting unknown facts

Are You A Daniel Radcliffe Fan? Check Out These Unknown Facts

Daniel Radcliffe is popularly known as Harry Potter from one of the most popular series Harry Potter. This English actor was born on 23rd July 1989. Daniel is majorly known for his role in Harry Potter. The star molded himself playing J. K Rowlings in the show. His estimated net worth is around $80 million. He has been featured in several Broadway shows to Indie films. Let’s check out some of the unknown facts about Daniel Radcliffe.

1) Daniel Radcliffe’s parents were against auditioning for the role of JK Rowlings in the Harry Potter series. This is because the contract had a clause that he will have to do all the films. But in the end, he became the ultimate star and received worldwide love after he got the role.

2) As per reports, Daniel Radcliffe suffered from dyspraxia. This is a problem that affects hand-eye coordination. During this condition, the body goes through several changes. At the same time, every person experiences different challenges and abilities.

3) Among the Harry Potter books, Daniel Radcliffe’s favorite is the third one, named Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

4)Harry Potter actor loved the famous round-rimmed glasses among all the available props in the show.

5) Daniel Radcliffe likes to write, listen to music, read, and play PlayStation and bass guitar in his free time.

6) His favorite actors are Cameron Diaz, Julia Roberts, Ben Stiller, and Scarlett Johansson.

7)During his childhood, Daniel dreamed of becoming a cricketer and playing matches for England.

8) The show Harry Potter runs for a long time. And in seven years, he only twice took a day off due to gastric flu.

9) Daniel worked as a voice artist in an episode of an animated TV series called ‘The Simpsons in late 2010.

10) Daniel’s best friend was on the set’s Wizard film. He was a 41 years old man and worker in costume.

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