IWMBuzz reveals to you SHOCKING facts about Nora Fatehi

REVEALED! Shocking Facts About Nora Fatehi

Nora Fatehi has simply been on a roll ever since her big Bollywood debut with the song ‘Dilbar’. Ever since the success of Dilbar, songs came her way one after the other and she kept climbing the pillar of success. Today, she isn’t just known for her dancing skills and dance numbers but also for her acting skills. But every success story has an indefinite amount of struggle attached to it and the same is with Nora. So today, we reveal to you some unknown facts about Nora which you never knew –

i) Being a struggler, she was told by many not to do reality shows, item numbers and South songs but she believed in her own abilities and went ahead with whatever came her way.

ii) She got Dilbar because of an award show performance which she was doing in South Africa. The name of the Award was Miss Femina Diva.

iii) Her family wanted her to do a normal job but Nora had other plans for her life.

iv) Not many people know this but Disha Patani and Nora Fatehi are really close friends.

v) Last but not the least, she used to work as a waitress in the morning and a telecaller in the evening in her initial days.

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