Salma Hayek who is all set to play the role of Ajak in the new Marvel movie, Eternals, has recently expressed her wish to visit India along with her mother and daughter.

In an interview with India Today, Salma said, “I think I am going to come to visit pretty soon. I have a dream of taking my mother and daughter and going on a journey through India. Except, I am very nervous because there are so many places and every time, I ask someone if there are generations of girls, where should they start their visit, I get confused. But next time I have a break, maybe I will do this.”

About her role, she said to Digital Spy, “I have this strange sensation that this is the film that I belong to. I don’t know what it says about me, maybe because I’m a rebel and I like to fight for different things and this is so special. It’s an honour.”