Check out how Salman Khan wished his mother Helen on her birthday

Salman Khan wishes mom Helen on her birthday, calls her dancing queen

Bollywood’s beloved Bhaijaan aka Salman Khan is one person who genuinely needs no introduction. The man has truly been on top of his game for more than 30 years in the Hindi film fraternity and it’s certainly not a joke at all. Salman Khan has got a stunning and sensational vogue game and that’s why, whenever he comes up with a new movie or special announcement ladies and gentlemen, internet truly feels the heat and melt in awe for real. Although he’s not very active on social media, he loves to share special moments, especially when it comes to his family.

Talking about family ladies and gentlemen, Salman Khan is right now seen sharing a special birthday wish for his beloved mother Helen and no wonder, we love the way he calls her ‘dancing queen’. Absolutely super cute and do you all want to check out yourself? See below –

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