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Sonu Sood talks about his birthday celebration

Sonu Sood’s Birthday: It Seemed The Whole Country Was Celebrating

As the messiah of the migrants Sonu Sood turned a year older on July 30, hundreds of those whom he had helped reached home reached out to him in a surge of goodwill.

Says Sonu,“This birthday was special. Never have I been so warmly and extensively greeted from all over the country. It seemed the whole country was celebrating. People whom I was fortunate enough to help reach their homes kept calling the whole day from different states.”

Sonu had never imagined he would get so much attention. “There were people video-conferencing, wanting to reach out to me, to just wish me well.It was overwhelming. I tried speaking to people from each state for 15-20 minutes”

How did this kind of attention make Sonu feel? “I feel embarrassed to get so much attention at the same time I feel humbled and grateful. Who gets so much love from so many? Only the most blessed do.”

Sonu missed his parents on this special day. “I wish my mom and dad were here to see the love that I got on this special day. They would have been proud of me. They would have hugged me.”

Sonu had a birthday wish. “I wish this Corona thing would end. And I want people to come out with a stronger mindset after this crisis. I wish for a stronger India after this crisis.”

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