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Superstar Hrithik Roshan reveals why ‘change’ in the content space is INTERESTING

If there’s one superstar who has grown and evolved with respect to performance and acting potential and has also ensured that he is like that fine wine which only gets better as it ages, it is Hrithik Roshan. Perhaps the most ideal combination of sexiness and acting potential happens to be our ‘Duggu’ and he has proved it time and again with various performances. 2019 has been a rock-solid year with Super 30 and War doing wonders for him.

Since 2018, the content space has seen a lot of change due to the varying taste and preferences of the audience. Regarding this change, Hrithik spoke to the media and we quote –

“Things have changed a lot, dramatically and for the better. Things are a lot more real now, a lot more nuanced performances, nuanced stories, a lot of the unarticulated thoughts are now being articulated well, a lot of reality is coming on to the screen.”

He further added, “More than geography I think it’s about the nuances of our real life. The way we live, that is being reflected much better on-screen now as opposed to the black and white and the ideal characters. The hero was supposed to be this ideal guy, just one dimensional. Now you have a multidimensional hero who can be good, he can be flawed and yet he is your main protagonist. You still root for him. I think all this is making the times now a lot more interesting.”

Hrithik’s depth, grit, and an eye for interesting content make him the ‘Superstar of the Millenium’. He pushes boundaries and experiments with his roles in a way most actors don’t. Here’s wishing Duggu all the best for his future endeavors. For more updates, stay tuned to IWMBuzz.com

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