The black gown trend never fades away as it signifies elegance and timeless style. On the other hand, dress neck designs are crucial as they frame the face, influence the overall silhouette, and enhance the wearer’s features, contributing to the gown’s aesthetic and appeal. Recently, Bollywood divas Tara Sutaria and Sunny Leone wore black dresses with distinct neck designs. Let’s take a look at whose ensemble is better.

Tara Sutaria’s Black Dress Neck Design

Tara Sutaria graced her look in a beautiful black dress for the new photoshoot. The ensemble looks figure-fitting, defining the actress’s hourglass figure. However, the one-shoulder pattern with one-hand full sleeves drapes in an unusual pattern, creating a wow appearance. The supreme black shade adds an extra dose of charm. The unique pattern of the ensemble makes it a masterpiece, combining modern elegance with vintage trends.

Sunny Leone’s Black Dress Neck Design

For her new photoshoot, Sunny showcased her charm in a black gown. The strapless trail gown with off-shoulder puffy sleeves creates a dreamy look. In the simple yet beautiful ensemble, the actress looks mesmerizing. This neck design is a spectacular choice for red carpet-moments, blending royal charm with grace.

Comparing Tara and Sunny, it is difficult to choose anyone as both actresses did a fantastic job styling their looks, flaunting their unique neck designs in the supreme black dress. Their allure in the ensemble left us in awe.