Here are the top movies of Arjun Rampal.

Bollywood has been chastised in the past for giving roles to performers who are good-looking but not competent. However, we have seen such “culprits” defy the odds and establish themselves as respectable performers on occasion, and Arjun Rampal is one of them.

The actor has a cult following thanks to his flailing locks, deep baritone, and amazing features, yet he has been criticized for his acting abilities. Rampal has established himself as a competitive contender and has had a consistent performance since the late 2000s. For this list, we’ve included films in which his performances have been appreciated and have had a favorable impact on his career.

Rock On!!

‘Rock On!!’ is a film directed by Abhishek Kapoor that narrates the tale of four members of the Mumbai-based edgy rock band “Magik,” who formed in 1998 and went through conflicts of interest and ideological beliefs before reuniting in 2008 for a comeback performance. ‘Rock On!!’ stars Farhan Akhtar, Arjun Rampal, Farhan Akhtar, Luke Kenny, and Purab Kohli as four musicians who demonstrate the power of friendship to overcome all obstacles. Arjun Rampal plays Joseph Mascarenhas, or Joe as his friends refer to him, a flamboyant guitarist. With maturity, Rampal masterfully displays the hues of his character. Arjun Rampal’s mellowness shines through in all he does, from being a fiery gifted showman to a humble and oftentimes frustrated unemployed father.

The Last Lear

Arjun Rampal’s excellent performance alongside screen legends like Amitabh Bachchan and Shefali Shah delighted critics in this critically acclaimed play. In ‘The Last Lear,’ Amitabh Bachchan plays Harish Mishra, an ageing Shakespearean actor who takes on one of Shakespeare’s most difficult parts in a play directed by Siddharth and portrayed by Arjun Rampal. Arjun Rampal portrays the guilt-ridden director with a sombre tonality with flair and aptitude, bringing in a thoughtful performance that not only elevates his role, but also the other characters.


Prakash Jha has established to be the director who can bring out the best in Rampal’s abilities, as evidenced by ‘Chakravyuh.’ ‘Chakravyuh,’ a political drama, follows protagonist SP Adil Khan, who sends his comrade Kabir to the Naxal gang as an informer in order to foil the Maoists, led by Rajan, played by Manoj Bajpayee. Kabir, on the other hand, becomes one of the Naxalites’ gang commanders after learning the motivation behind their mission. For the fearsome Arjun, Rampal brings forth the steadfast character ark needs.


Following the huge success of Anurag Kashyap’s crime thriller ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ (2012), Bollywood has seen a surge of “Gangster Crime Thrillers.” However, most of them have been stymied by shoddy screenwriting and poor direction. ‘Daddy’ has the same problem, but Arjun Rampal’s enigmatic portrayal as mobster turned politician Arun Gawli is a highlight of the political crime thriller. The performer exudes a suffocating sorrow that pervades the meticulously researched film.


Arjun Rampal isn’t recognized for his acting abilities, and sharing the screen alongside Nana Patekar, Manoj Bajpayee, Naseeruddin Shah, and Ranbir Kapoor made it appear as his boat would sink. Rampal, on the other hand, excelled with a great performance thanks to Prakash Jha’s brilliant directing abilities. ‘Raajneeti,’ a political thriller, follows Ranbir Kapoor’s Samar Pratap after completing his schooling in America and returning to his strong India, as the title suggests. He is dragged into the world of tasteless politics as political power and muscle growth, and he spirals down into a world he never wanted to be a part of. Rampal plays Bhim in the film, which draws parallels to the epic Mahabharata. His portrayal of the frequently enraged rebellious Prithviraj Pratap adds to Jha’s outstanding political thriller’s complexities.

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