Salman Khan isn’t just an actor. When he walks in, even statues turn their heads around and go ‘Bhai!!’. And is it any wonder then that such a megastar has an army of fans who sees him more like a family member than a Bollywood actor.

Things You Should Never Say To A Salman Khan Fan

Here are some things you should never say to a Bhai fan.

Why can’t he find a decent girl and get married? Well, we all know that this handsome Bollywood actor has been dating a few girls before, he has turned 55 now and is yet single. It is really sad for a Bhai fan to believe that a handsome hunk like him is still single.

How can you worship a person whose name has been tainted by so many controversies? We are all aware of the controversy Salman Kahn has been through but asking a fan for its explanation makes no sense it is said that if you truly love a person you except him with all his flaws and I guess all fan follow this protocol. We don’t have an explanation for bhai’s controversies but we surely know about his achievements that what the fans say. He’s just a thug, always getting into fights”. The fans have a decent reply for this too they talk about the charity work he does and also many organizations which work for poor people are created by Salman Khan.

Other actors try something new and experiment with their role but Salman Khan always prefers the same old role. According to the fan, he is still breaking the records with his same old way of working and it’s true as most of his movies enter the 100 crores club within days. Now last but not the least and most controversial question. What happened with Vivek Oberoi… please let’s not even get started about it. So remember all these tips while talking to a Bhai fan next time.

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