Check out these Hollywood celebrities who studied crazy acts for their films

One criticism of actors playing different characters that anyone might have is that occasionally they don’t seem to know what they’re doing, which of course, is sort of hard to let go of since it does take away from the movie. But one must keep in mind that they are ACTORS, and it’s easy to assume that they won’t accomplish everything to the satisfaction of individuals who genuinely possess these skills unless they already possessed those skills prior to taking on the part or learned them after the role. But since people are quite picky when it comes to specific movie moments that should look as real as possible, there are performers who want to be as exact as possible in their portrayal and will go to great measures to guarantee that they’re making it look as realistic as it can be.

Hollywood veteran Tom Cruise is renowned for performing his own stunts, but for this film, he took things to the next level and invested more than 2,000 hours in learning to fly a helicopter. Tom has recently received recognition from one of his professors for his unmatched level of commitment and focus. Even a “corkscrew dive,” one of the riskiest maneuvers in all of the helicopter flights, was something he learned how to accomplish.

Actually, Ryan Gosling has a history of going above and above for his roles; for La La Land, he learned jazz piano, and for Crazy, Stupid, and Love, he enrolled in mixology training. The most intriguing fact, though, is that Ryan worked as a cabinetmaker’s apprentice before landing the role of Noah Calhoun in The Notebook. Even part of the movie’s furniture was made by him!

Margot Robbie practiced four times a week for a period of 12 weeks under the direction of skating choreographer Sarah Kawahara. We were only a few weeks away from filming, and Margot said of her development, “I thought I was never going to understand suddenly, one day, it just snapped.” While some of the difficult parts were performed by stunt doubles, Margot was able to complete Tonya’s authentic opening routine from the 1994 Olympics, which is no small accomplishment!

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