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I want Karan to be a good human being first: Dharmendra

Since the teaser of ‘Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas’ was released, a lot has been said about Sahher Bambaa and Karan Deol and their chemistry. Sunny Deol himself has directed the debut film of his son, to ensure that he gets things right.

The trailer of the film released today and since then, both Sahher and Karan are receptive to a lot of love and appreciation from the audience. Although Sunny Deol himself couldn’t be present because he had to be present at Gurdaspur to take care of the distressed families in the devastating fire that occurred there, Karan’s Grandpa dearest, Dharmendra, was there for support at the trailer launch. When Dharmendra was asked about what he expects from Karan, this is what he was quoted as saying –

‘Who goes forward how much is something which God takes care of. But I want him to be a good human being first. If someone is a good human being first, everything falls into place and gets taken care of. But I always tell him to first be a good human and be honest. Rest is upto God.’

Well, true words of wisdom and truly experienced and lovely advice indeed from the one and only He-Man of the industry. For more such exclusive updates, stay tuned to

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