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IWMBuzz reviews Angry Birds 2 movie

Review of Angry Birds 2: An enjoyable ride to the ‘Bird Island’ for sure

Angry Birds 2 Cast: Jason Sudeikis, Josh Gad, Leslie Jones

Direction: Thurop Van Orman

The definition of cartoons and anime has totally changed in the last few years. After the success of Angry Birds 1, a lot was expected from Angry Birds 2 and it surely does manage to stand up to the expectations.

The story starts once again in Bird Island, where the principal character ‘Red’ is famous and celebrated as the ‘hero’ of his island, all thanks to his deeds of successfully protecting his island from the clutches of the enemy. The main enemy is none other than the inhabitants of the island on the other side of the water, and they are none other than the green pigs of the Pig Island. There seems to be a battle for supremacy and a struggle for survival between the inhabitants of Bird Island and Pig Island. While Red functions smoothly as the savior of his land, Pig Island’s piggy leader does his best to win the battle. However, there’s a twist in the tale.

One fine day, Red and his bird island friends, who have taken the responsibility to protect the island, receive letters from across the shore calling for a truce. Red’s team members believe that finally there will prevail in mutual understanding and peace between Bird Island and Pig Island, but Red still has that element of doubt. He feels it’s a trap by the Pig Island people to fool them to capture Bird Island. This thought prevails, until one fine day, the leader of Piggy Island barges into Red’s house to explain that the call for truce is real as there’s a third island that is trying to destroy both, Pig Island as well as Bird Island. Although Red doesn’t believe in it initially, he is finally convinced and hence the two island leaders and their friends and troops decide to unite to fight against this new common threat.

As Red and Leonard, who’s leading the pigs, leave from Bird Island and set off on their mission, Red assures his inhabitants that there’s no need for them to evacuate the island as their ‘ favorite superstar Red’ (at least that’s how he likes to call himself) has things under control. Together, they set off in their secret submarine for the deadly mission and look confident and good to go for a successful one. However, the thin line of difference between confidence and overconfidence is what proves to be costly for Red, which simultaneously puts his team members in trouble as well. His team members, including his love interest Silver, fail to explain initially that it’s about a team and ‘us’ and not just about ‘Red’. Red’s overconfidence proves costly for the team as it lands into trouble. However, it is Silver’s perseverance and scientific skills that pull them out of trouble and they are finally able to complete a risky mission to save their islands by stopping the antagonist who’s the leader of the third island, aka Eagle Island. Add to that, Red and his team find out later that their main threat is none other than their own team member’s ex-fiancee, Zeta, whom he had abandoned randomly on the day of their wedding. Although a well-planned and executed effort gets Red and Silver close to stopping Zeta, it is eventually Mighty Eagle and his wholehearted apology and realization that helps change Zeta’s heart and mindset. As far as how the two teams, led by Red and Leonard, stop Zeta from his selfish mission in the climax is for you to find out.

IWMBuzz Verdict: The movie conveys the essence that it’s made for all groups. Yes, there’s no denying that kids will enjoy it more, but the movie definitely has its moments, which have a fun appeal across all age groups. It is entertaining and will definitely keep you hooked and help you relive nostalgic moments of you enjoying your favorite cartoons in childhood with 100% peace of mind. The voiceovers are extensively professional and it’s a culmination of everything that makes it a worthwhile watch at the movies.

3/5 stars

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