Starring Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon in the lead, Bhediya definitely brings you enticing fiction and storytelling

Review Of Bhediya: The Priceless Fiction Is A Breath Of Enticing Drama

We would like to start off by calling ‘Bhediya’ a wad of reinvigorated air in Bollywood fantasy. With Bollywood’s sole tadka and spice put to action, Bhediya turns out a fair play on the screens. Helmed by Amar Kaushik, Bhediya flourishes in what it aims for.

A true priceless horror-comedy screenplay to witness. We do feel the ‘comparison’ business of Varun portraying ‘Indian wolverine’ is vague at its utmost. Bhediya was a ‘worthy’ blend on the screen given the fine mutant transition of a wolf and a human.

The movie sets off amidst Arunachal Pradesh, where Varun Dhawan aka Bhaskar Sharma has sailed off to make a road crossing the forest. And there is when Bhaskar skins into his wild ‘bhediya’ trans with his friends leaving to ponder what to be done and Kriti Sanon trying to pick up on the right medicines to help Bhaskar to get back into his human body.

In all the mess, satire is what we could only sense. Not just because of how the characters pull off the entire comic screenplay, but also how the screenwriter Niren Bhatt spells his pen with his slapstick and fictionalised film vocabulary to create a median of conservation of the woods.

Bhediya typifies the discord between tradition and therefore affluence by sustaining a clear and concise dichotomy of both the elderly generation and the newer who vouch for technology.

The wolf nibble that wholly decimates Bhaskar’s strategies is the highlight of this metaphor about the hubris for funny money and the scarcity of green covers, as well as humanity’s gargantuan potential to exploit the ecosystem. It wreaks havoc among the dwellers.

The film reworks on narrative treaties to recount a wilderness under the hazard of biodiversity loss in the pursuit of the urban periphery. The flick will indeed have had much more repercussions if it was made a bit crisp. Yet the screenplay unfurls around each other and composes a monolithic structure which does not feel contrived for the audience.

IWMBuzz rates it 3 stars.