Aamir Khan is always in the news . Although he has not announced any new project after the ill-fated Laal Singh Chadha, there is much speculation on the sequel to Sarfarosh.

But is there any room for a sequel to a film that had its say 25 years ago?

Aamir Khan always means what he says. It therefore came as a surprise to hear him say at the 25-year celebratory screening of the film Sarfarosh that there might be a sequel.

I very clearly remember speaking to the director John Matthew Matthan a few years after the release of Sarfarosh, and he had said, “I don’t think there is room for carrying the story forward. We said what we had to say . There is nothing more to it.”

So was Aamir simply humouring the press with the temptation of a sequel to Sarfarosh?

I decided to broach the subject of the Sarfarosh sequel with Aamir.

Aamir replied, “Let us see how the script turns out. It all depends on that.”

When I told him I saw Sarfarosh recently and that it holds well even now Aamir replied, “I am so glad.I haven’t seen it in a long while. Apparently Sonali Bendre(who plays the female lead in Sarfarosh) saw it for the first time a few days ago!”

Aamir also expressed happiness about the success of Kiran Rao’s Laapata Ladies.

“Kiran has made a beautiful film,” Aamir said.