The past few days were rather stressful for actress Raveena Tandon, who was in the news after a video surfaced online where she was attacked by a mob who made allegations that she hit them and was drunk as well. The video, which was posted on June 2 on social media by a person who claimed to be a freelance journalist went on to falsely accuse Tandon of being drunk and assaulting a senior citizen as well. The video showed her being heckled by a mob of people.

After police proceedings took place, Mumbai Police clarified that these allegations were entirely baseless and untrue. And now, after all this time, Tandon has decided to respond to these false accusations and has decided to proceed with a defamation case against the said journalist.

Tandon’s lawyer, Sana Raees Khan, explained the situation: “Recently an attempt was made to embroil Raveena in a false and frivolous allegation which was clarified in CCTV footage and the allegation was withdrawn. However, a person, claiming to be a journalist, is disseminating false information on X regarding the said incident, which is factually incorrect and misleading. This dissemination of false news appears to be a deliberate attempt to tarnish Raveena’s reputation for ulterior motives.”

Khan underscored the actions being implemented to tackle the issue and secure justice for Tandon. Despite repeated requests to take down the defamatory video, the journalist has declined to do so. Consequently, the legal team is actively pursuing all essential steps to safeguard Tandon’s reputation and pursue compensation for the damage inflicted by these baseless accusations.

Amidst all this, the entertainment industry and several fans continued to show their support for Tandon as she sought justice.