Not many are able to fathom the gravity of the recent win at the Cannes Film Festival for India. For the uninitiated, India went on to not only compete at the Cannes Palme d’Or after over thirty years but also created a moment for the history books, as the film, All We Imagine as Light won the Grand Prix award. The film, directed by Payal Kapadia indeed achieves a feat that is one to cherish.

On that note, the cast of the film went on to also create another special moment on the Cannes red carpet as they broke into a dance post their win. The videos and images of the same understandably went viral in no time. An array of fans of social media users went on to react to the same, where many were appreciating the same but there were also a few who would criticize it too.

Now, actress Chhaya Kadam, who played one of the leads in the film went on to talk about it in an interview with PTI. She would talk about how someone called her from Mumbai and joked that they were dancing as if it was their courtyard. To this, she replied why not. She emphasised the importance of the win and mentioned why should they follow protocol. She also said that this is how they express their happiness – by jumping with joy.
She then said that she was so happy she didn’t have words to express it. She also said how when they stopped to pose for the photographs, the photographers requested them to keep dancing – and how there was just so much happiness around.

Kadam, who has been a theatre veteran over the years has also had a stellar 2024 in the Hindi belt where she made a huge impact with her performances in films like Laapataa Ladies and Madgaon Express.