Actor-filmmaker Divya Khosla couldn’t be in a  better place. While her forthcoming  film Hero Heeroine , produced by Prerna Arora,featuring   Divya as a Bollywood queen  inspired by a true-life  actress, is being readied  for release  , Divya has sprung another  surprise  on the audience.

The announcement  of the new Mukesh Bhatt-Bhushan Kumar-Krishan Kumar production ,Savi-A Bloody Housewife, came out of the blue.

 Speaking on the project for the first time,Divya Khossla  who plays the author-backed title role says, “We kept it out of  the news for as long as we could. All of us were sworn into secrecy until  it was ready for  release. In fact we got the title  just a few days back.We  shot the  film in complete secrecy in  London.”

So what is Savi-A Bloody Housewife  all  about?

Reveals Divya, “I don’t want to give  away too much of the plot. But I can assure  you that you have not anything like this.”

I  persuade her  to  tell more, and  Divya sweetly reveals, “Savi is  based on the Hindu mythological concept of Sati Savitri, who is  said to have  brought her husband back from the dead. We have contemporized the myth, made it acceptable to today’s audience without tampering with the  \story.”

Divya further reveals  that the film celebrates  the  housewife. “Men, and even women,  tend to take the home-maker for granted, if  not look down on her completely.Our film shows how the housewife  anchors the family. Were it not for her, the family would fall apart.”

Anil Kapoor  features in a very special role.

“He has  never been seen  like this. Anilji is such a legendary actor. To have  him in our film is  a blessing.Harshwardhan Rane plays  my husband. Our director is  the very talented  Abhinay Deo who has earlier helmed very interesting films like the Irrfan Khan starrer Blackmail,” says Divya

She admits she is  nervous. “People are  not coming to  the movie theatres. But we are confident they will come for Savi when it opens on May 31. The content is  the hero here. If you  liked my  previous release  Yaariyan,you will love Savi.”

Yaariyan  incidentally is now streaming  on  Jio  Cinema.

Says Divya, “But it comes with a price. People  have to pay to see Yaariyaan  on the streaming platform. They first waited  to see it on OTT. Now they will wait to see it when  it is free of cost.”