Actor Kartik Aaryan is currently gearing up for the mega release of his film, Chandu Champion. So far, we have seen enough about how the actor went through rigorous physical training to play the character and so on.

However, it was to be noted that this is actually Aaryan’s first film that doesn’t have a notable female lead, especially after he has achieved superstardom.

In an exclusive conversation with IWMBuzz, we asked Aaryan about the same and if he feels the pressure of having a big film’s expectations riding on his shoulders.

To this, he said, “With this film, the decision was taken early on to not go into that zone at all. This is a biopic of a real-life figure, Mr. Murlikant Petkar, so we made sure to be authentic to the story and not try to present anything which is fictitious for the sake of it. So, Kabir Sir made sure to not get into it from the beginning.”

Interviewed by Kunal Kothari

He added, “Coming to having the film’s pressure being entirely on my shoulders, I didn’t quite think of it in that manner but I get it. Usually with a notable female lead, the responsibility is kind of shared, so I understand the context. But yes, with Chandu Champion, that is the case. So I do have the film’s weight on my shoulders, and I hope the film does well, so I feel light on my shoulders.”

The film is set to release on June 14, 2024.