This past Sunday morning witnessed a shocking incident out of nowhere when two unknown attackers, driving by on a motorcycle, went on to fire multiple rounds of a gun near Salman Khan’s home, Galaxy Apartment in Bandra.

Ever since then, multiple prolific dignitaries have come to Khan’s aid either by visiting him or giving him a call and helping out in ways they can.

However, one might wonder how Khan and the entire family reacted to this, and more so, how are they recovering from it. A close friend of the family, Zafar Sareshawala, a businessman went on to talk with Zoom as he provided an update on the same. He revealed that the family is pretty normal as they were earlier. He also revealed that the incident took place at 5 a.m.

He also said that Khan’s father and legendary screenwriter, Salim Khan was even ready to get down for his morning walk and appeared normal and unaffected by the incident.

He revealed how Salim Saab told him, “Bas yehi jawaab hai humara. Innhone jo kiya hai, ye iss liye kiya hai, ki hum terrorize ho jayein, darr jayein. Aur woh aage bataye ki “Dekha Salman Khan ke ghar pe goli chaliyi, bach gaya, tum Rs 50 lakh rakho’. Iska jawab yeh hai ki humein normal rehna hai (This is our answer. They’ve done this to terrorize and scare us so that they could boast, “see, we shot fire guns at Salman Khan’s house, we escaped and now you keep Rs. 50 lakh ready. The only answer to them is to normalize it) and everybody was normal. Salma Aunty was normal and Salman was at ease.”

He shared that the Police Commissioner told Salim Khan, “Salim saab this is the best reply. You’re there out walking. This is the best reply. You’ve finished their whole effort,” he shared further lauding Mumbai Police’s protection, revealing gunshots were fired at the gallery where the actor and his father usually come out.

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