Set against the backdrop of Bengaluru, Aavesham is the story of a local kind-hearted gangster, Ranga (played by Fahadh Faasil), and the comical series of events that befall his fiefdom. When three aeronautical engineering students from Kerala—Aju, Bibi, and Shantha—choose to stay at the BK Hostel instead of college accommodations, little do they know that their desire for freedom would land them into trouble with college seniors and eventually propel them into the orbit of Ranga. The hilarious turn of events sparks a comedy of errors and an unlikely friendship between Ranga and Aju, Bibi and Shantha, that not only takes them down an unpredictable path of conflicts and alliances but also disrupts their academic aspirations and personal lives.

Speaking officially on the film going on the OTT platform Fahadh Faasil says, “Playing the flamboyant and unusual character of Ranga in Aavesham has been a complete riot. It is an unconventional film with a compelling storyline and characters that bring the story to life in a way that you can’t stop watching until the very end. The love that the film has been receiving at the box-office is a testament to the appreciation of the audience and critics alike. After completing its successful theatrical run in cinemas, I am thrilled that the film will now be streaming on Prime Video.”

However a colleague of Faasil has another story to tell, “He is not at all happy with Aavesham going on the digital platform when it is still doing so well in the movie theatres. He tried his best to delay the streaming date. However Amazon Prime Video wouldn’t hear of it.”