Karan Johar who is so looking forward to launch the Telugu star Vijay Devarkonda in Bollywood has apparently gotten into a deal.

Karan Johar joins hands with Vijay Devarakonda for a deal?

Karan Johar has taken a shine to Telugu superstar Vijay Deverakonda. When Vijay’s last film Dear Comrade released, Karan invited Vijay to fly down from Hyderabad to Mumbai for a screening. And Karan loved Dear Comrade. He bought the remake rights for a staggering amount and then hastily pushed the remake plans aside when Dear Comrade underperformed at the Telugu boxoffice.

And now Karan has pitched in as co-producer for Vijay Deverakonda’s Telugu film Fighter; writer-director Puri Jagannaath’s “sure-shot” pledge to give Deverakonda’s fans that massy film his career needs…or so Puri thinks. He has been bragging to his friends that “this” (Fighter) is what Vijay Deverakonda needs.

Karan Johar seems to have fallen for Puri and his producer-partner actress Charmee’s sales-pitch.

Though the final deal has not been inked as yet, it is pretty much a sealed deal now between Johar and Puri. Yes, KJo has pitched in as co-producer in Fighter.

A source close to the development reveals, “Karan wanted to launch Vijay Deverakonda in Bollywood with the Hindi remake of Dear Comrade. When that didn’t work inTelugu he was on the look-out for an original Hindi script for Vijay’s launch. It wasVijay who suggested that Karan jump in as co-producer for Puri’s film and thereby felicitate a Hindi version of Fighter.”

We wish this strange collaboration between Puri (ki puri Telugu) and  (sara ka sara) Johar all the best.

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