For every Raveena Tandon who is a victim of road rage, there is the rear view from the other side.It was uncanny, but the Pune Porche teen road crime coincided with Manoj Bajpayee’s Bhaiyya Ji a film on roadrage where the son of a rich privileged power-drunk wealthy family mows down an innocent bystander and then uses his power and wealth to suppress all legal procedure.

Manoj who is busy shooting for the third season of The Family Man, paused his shoot to speak about the eerie timing of his film. “I have noticed the similarities between our film and the gruesome incident in Pune. We wanted to draw attention to how the judiciary is misused to rob the aggrieved party of justice. In our film the murder victim has an elder brother who seeks revenge. But what about the hapless common man who runs from pillar to post to get justice? Even his FIR is not acknowledged .What does he do?”

Manoj gives the media the credit for a vigilant and swift remedial in the Pune case. “There are so many cases of hit-and-run where the wealthy and powerful have gotten away with murder. We don’t have to look very far to see how deep the rot has seeped. In this case the media created a hue and cry .That’s when the poor got justice this time.The power drunk and the drunk need to realize that the Law is equal for everyone.If Bhaiyya Ji comes forward with the timely message then I say,more power to cinema to make a difference.”