Satish Kaushik’s grieving family has decided not to have a Chautha ceremony.

Says a source close to Satish’s family, “They can’t handle guests so close to the tragedy. Satish’s wife Sashi is numbed. The daughter Vanshika is barely able to register what is going on.”

The source says Satish’s family is very uncomfortable with the media attention. “They are simple hardworking people .They are not a typica Bollywood family. They can’t handle all this attention.They will therefore skip the Chauttha.Instead they will be doing a puja ceremony every day until 20 March attended only by close family members.They say , that’s how Satish would have liked it to be.”

Satish’s friend Anupam Kher will be hosting a prayer meeting for Satish on 21 March where everyone from the film industry will be welcome.