Rumi Jaffrey feels the support and sympathy for Satish Kaushik’s wife and daughter may not last beyond a few days.

“Sab apne apne kaam mein phir lag jayenge(everyone will get busy with work). We must not let this happen with Satish’s family. I’ve a plan. I will propose that all of his close friends should take turns visiting Satish’s home each day for the next one year,” says Rumi.

He feels financial security is not the issue here. “It’s is the fear of being isolated just because the man of the house is gone. Satish’s family doesn’t need financial assistance. By God’s grace he took care of all his financial responsibilities .What the family needs is emotional support.”

One recalls with a shudder the fate of the late director Bharat Rungachary’s family after he passed away at a young age,leaving his wife so bereft that she committed suicide.

Says Rumi, “Bharat and his wife were inseparable. He would pack up and head home after shooting at 7 pm no matter what. She couldn’t bear to live after he was gone. It wasn’t as if the film industry didn’t support her in her bereavement.The Bachchans did a lot for her. This industry is not as heartless as it is made out be.”