Satish Kaushik was one of the finest and most admired actors and directors that we have had in the Hindi entertainment industry. He started his career from the scratches and well, given the kind of achievements that he’s had in his professional career, he certainly must be immensely proud of how things went by for him. He unfortunately passed away a few days back and as per media reports, the reason is said to be cardiac arrest. Media reports suggest that the initial postmortem report too revealed about cardiac arrest.

However, we now hear a really shocking update involving him. As per the latest media reports in Times Of India, a woman has now alleged that Satish Kaushik was killed by her husband over a dispute of Rs 15 crores. However, as per E Times, the Delhi Police and Kaushik’s family believes that no foul play is involved with the actor’s death. As per reports, a woman alleged that her husband had borrowed 15 crores from Satish Kaushik few years back which he was unable to repay. Since he was unable to repay the same, he apparently told the lady that he will kill Satish as he lost all his money in the pandemic.

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