Now that the police has given Raveena Tandon a clean chit in the road-rage incident, the question being asked Raveena’s well wishers is, who were the women in burqas who tried to intimidate the actress with their veiled extortion threats?

A very close friend of Raveena’s wonders why disciplinary action is not being taken against the women who intimidated Raveena. “Who were they? Where did they suddenly materialize from? And were they in costumes for a well-planned strategy for publicity and extortion?”

Raveena is back at work after her harrowing experience with road rage ragers who threatened ,jostled and manhandled her right in front of her home.

Says a source very close to Raveena, “We all advised her to stay home for a few days. But Raveena was committed to shooting an ad for a major brand. She left for her shooting the telling us that she had never been accused of unprofessional conduct in her career. Why should she risk being labelled unprofessional now?”

Says Raveena’s friend, “Raveena feels she can’t live under the fear of being targeted by opportunists. The more she fears them the more they will target people like her, as these celebrity-bashers have nothing to lose. Now that the police have officially stated that the whole attempt to bully Raveena was nothing but a hoax, it is time to take strict action against these false alarmists.This armtwisting was nothing but a form of extortion.”