Check out what Raveena Tandon has to say about filming rape scenes in movies and her condition in the same

Raveena Tandon opens up on her sole condition while filming rape scenes, all details inside

Raveena Tandon is one of the most admired and loved actresses and performing artistes that we are all blessed to have in the Hindi entertainment industry. It’s been many years now that Raveena Tandon has been a part of the industry and well, given the kind of fandom and popularity that she’s received in all these years, we genuinely feel and for real that she deserves it all and for real. The diva made her stunning debut in movies with ‘Patthar Ke Phool’ opposite Salman Khan in the year 1991 and well, her career took off on a high ever since then.

While a lot of fans know quite a lot about Raveena and what she preferred in her professional career, not many perhaps know that she actually had an interesting condition while shooting rape scenes in movies. As per Hindustan Times, she was quoted during an interview saying,

“I used to be uncomfortable with a lot of things. For example, dance steps. If I was uncomfortable with something I would say listen I am not comfortable with this step. I would not do the step. I didn’t want to wear swimming costumes, and I didn’t do kissing scenes. So I had my fundas. I was the only actress who had a couple of rape scenes with not even one tear in the dress. All my clothes used to be fully intracranial t. Mera dress phatega nahi..tum karlo rape scene agar karna hai. So they used to call me arrogant. Darr had come to me first, though it was not vulgar, but earlier there were some scenes in Darr, I was not comfortable with. I never used to wear a swimming costume. I would say, ‘no, I will not wear a swimming costume’. Even Prem Qaidi, the first film with which I think Lolo (Karisma Kapoor) got launched was actually offered to me first. But even in that, there was just one scene where the hero pulls down the zipper and the strap is showing, I was uncomfortable with that.”

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